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Aussie Off Grid allows you to get off grid energy anywhere in Australia with our passionate team who are experts in Off-Grid Power Solutions.

Aussie Off Grid have years of expertise in multifaceted battery storage and solar system design and installation. Our business and team are passionate about renewable energy so much so that our factory, offices and even our electric cars all run from off-grid power.

  • Aussie Off Grid operates nationally through a network of local Clean Energy qualified industry partners and installers.
  • We work tirelessly to ensure all our products are commissioned with the highest standard of workmanship and technical compliance.
  • With Aussie Off-Grid you can rest assured that you have some of Australia’s best off grid engineers looking after you and your family.
Aussie Off Grid

Off Grid Design

An off-grid power system is an expensive investment. Leave nothing to chance. Get in contact with our professional off grid experts, and discover how to ensure you get the best system for your power needs.

Off Grid Solar System Design

CEC Installers

We provide expert services to build, install and support your journey to living with power from renewable energy. Backed by Australian warranties and support, you can rest assured that our high-quality off grid systems will last the distance.


Aussie Off Grid are specialist partner in sustainable power solutions.

At Aussie Off Grid we know that when you are self-sufficient, your energy storage company needs to be available 24/7 to answer questions and troubleshoot if the worst happens and the power goes out. At Aussie Off Grid we understand this responsibility and do not take it lightly. We work with you on a complete range of off-grid power solutions that will be the best fit for your building or location. At Aussie Off Grid we take getting the best off grid energy system or power solution very seriously.

We can help you to find out the ‘cost of connection’ Vs ‘going off the grid’ & work through all the options to make recommendations based on the information you share such as your daily energy usage including the loads to be applied to the off grid power system.

Aussie Off Grid have decades of experience in creating independent off grid solar system and stand alone solar power systems for many building types.

We have expertise in providing independent power not just for buildings but also for remote applications such as pumps for water treatment, and other systems that require stand alone power solutions including off grid battery systems.

Aussie Off-Grid Energy is one of Australia’s largest and most trusted providers of battery storage systems for off the grid power applications. Aussie Off Grid pride ourselves on expert advice & cutting-edge off grid solar and battery technology.

Learn more about Aussie Off Grid and our Off Grid Solar Systems with AUSTRALIA WIDE INSTALLATION. 


All our Off Grid Solutions are built in Australia last and are fully integrated solutions that are, tested and certified in our factory.

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