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  • Aussie Off Grid can offer you an all in one standalone power solutions that use the complete range of Fronius inverter technologies.
  • Fronius is revolutionising battery charging and solar electronics technologies with controlled energy solutions.
  • Fronius create new technologies and solutions for monitoring and controlling energy.


For over 60 years the name Fronius has stood for intensive research and the constant search for new, innovative solutions. The perfect efficiency of every product has repeatedly been awarded both national and international prizes. Fronius are a driving force for accelerating energy transition to 100% renewables.

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Fronius Inverter Optimised Energy Management.



The Fronius Primo in power categories from 3.0 to 8.2 kW perfectly completes the new SnapINverter generation.

This single-phase device is the ideal inverter for residential systems. Its innovative SuperFlex Design provides maximum flexibility in system design, while the SnapINverter mounting system makes installation and maintenance easier than ever before.

The included communication package, with WLAN, energy management, several interfaces and much more, allows the Fronius Primo to communicate with the user, the PV system and the grid.

Advantages Of A Fronius System

The world of Fronius is an exciting place. Almost every day something new is examined, researched, tested, rejected, and thought out once again. Aussie Off Grid is up to date with the latest news and product range from Fronius.


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