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What is Off Grid Solar ? Let’s look at Stand Alone Solar Power and Off Grid Solar Power and Off Grid Batteries – Is Off Grid Solar Really For You?

What Is Off Grid Solar

So, exactly What is Off Grid Solar? With rising electricity costs many Australians are considering solar and battery storage and wondering if it’s possible to disconnect from the grid altogether; ‘going off-grid’ seems to be the buzz word. However, its important learn about ‘What is Off Grid Solar’ as opposed to ‘Hybrid Solar Battery Storage‘ &  ‘Grid Connected Solar’.

Grid Connected Solar is if your house is connected to the electricity network and you have a solar system on your roof that feeds electricity back into the grid.  If your house is connected to both the national electricity grid and your solar electricity system, you will always have power available.

If you have a grid connected electricity and want to add a solar battery  for solar storage, this is called a ‘Hybrid Power System’ and is not a true Off-Grid Solar System or Stand Alone Power Solution.

What Is Off Grid Solar ? What is Off Grid Solar System ? Learn about Off Grid Power & Should you go Off Grid with Solar & Battery Energy storage in Australia?

Thousands of Australians do not have access to the national centralised electricity grid. Even when a network connection is physically possible, costs well above $10,000 per kilometre are laughable and very cost prohibitive. Many who go off-grid will first become consumers who are dependent on diesel or petrol generators. In many remote areas where the national power grid does not reach, we often find that the only source of power has been diesel generator sets.

While cheap to purchase initially, a diesel generator has many distinctive financial disadvantages especially with the cost of fuel in today’s high-cost energy market.

The Disadvantages of Generators include;

  • High costs for the fuel
  • High cost for delivery to site
  • High cost for oils, filters and associated wearing parts
  • High cost for minor and major engine overhauls
  • Availability of trained and experienced service personnel
  • Operational noise and exhaust gases into the local environment

What is Off Grid Solar & How Off Grid Solar Works – What is Off Grid Solar System and Solar Battery Storage?

There has been a revolution regarding clean stand alone & off-grid solar and battery energy products. Now more than ever, off-grid remote area power systems packages have become very affordable and far more flexible with a broad range of best brands and quality components available. There can also be state and federal government financial incentives for purchases of off-grid solar power systems, making the initial purchase price even more enticing.

Off Grid Solar Systems provide stand-alone solar energy and battery storage. Off Grid Solar Power is a solar electricity system with battery backup.

During the day the sun charges the batteries as well as supplying power to your home, shed or business.

During the evening or on cloudy days when the sun isn’t shining you use the power stored in the batteries “Battery Banks”.

What is Off Grid Solar?  It’s when your house is not connected to the national electricity grid hence “off the grid power”. You may also incorporate other renewable energy systems with possibly a petrol, LPG or diesel generator as a battery charging facility or backup. Off Grid Solar systems may have a conventional AC type of supply and/or a DC (Direct Current) battery supply.

These days the idea of being off the grid is quite appealing for most of us however it does require more investment than a grid connected system. Most of the time it is more cost efficient to connect your property to the national electricity grid and offset your electricity consumption with a grid-connected system. However, if you are building a new house, live in a remote location then off-grid solar can work out to be a lot cheaper than paying large setup costs to be connected to the grid.

Aussie Off Grid do not install “Hybrid Grid Connected Solar”

We are specialists and experts who focus on properties that are not able to get grid connected as either it’s too expensive or simply not efficient due to power outages or a remote location.

Is your property or business located in a remote location or not able to connect to the national electricity grid? Get in touch with our OFF GRID SOLAR designers. We can provide an obligation free quote & custom design advice.

Remote Energy Solutions – Getting the Best Off The Grid and Stand Alone Power Solutions

Are you looking at moving to a remote area, possibly have a new block of land or an area on your property where you are unable, or it is too expensive to access national electricity networks? 

Aussie Off-Grid Energy Australia can help you with cost effective Remote Energy Solutions.

The professional engineers at Aussie Off Grid have designed and supplied remote energy solutions for residential customers and governments in Australia, the Pacific and NZ and continue to lead the way in developing thousands of innovative and cost-effective off-grid solar and battery energy solutions that meet the cultural and practical needs of residents.

Aussie Off-Grid Stand Alone Energy Solutions have included:

  • Thousands of installations for Off Grid Solar & Stand Alone Solar and Battery Power solutions throughout Australia, including, residential, commercial and industrial sites.
  • Centralised solar power stations that are serving remote villages in PNG and Fiji.
  • Remote Area Power Supplies (RAPS) for stations, national parks and indigenous communities across Queensland, NSW, WA and the NT.
  • And large-scale solar power generation for remote work sites throughout Australia.

Aussie Off Grid can also assist in the design, specification and procurement of mobile generation solutions and programs to improve the reliability of supply to remote communities that are exposed to natural disasters such as cyclones and flooding.

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We Specialise in Residential Off-Grid Solar Power Systems & Remote Energy Solutions.

Get the best off grid energy solution in Australia. Aussie Off Grid is the largest provider of a complete range of the world’s leading and most affordable stand-alone and off-grid power systems. We are experts in Off Grid Solar Systems and can help you get the best stand alone solar system and cutting edge off grid battery storage technology.

Contact our experts for an OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE and find out how we can help you live comfortably with reliable off the grid and remote energy solutions.

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