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Latronics Inverters

Latronics Off Grid System

When the electricity grid does not stretch out to you in the remote parts of Australia, let a Latronics Inverter power your life on your property. The Latronics range of Inverters can reliably power all types of mains powered appliances from ovens to arc welders.

Latronics LS Series inverters are a quality industrial product customization to withstand vibration and constant movement in mobile or marine installations, as well as the diverse range of home or commercial applications.

Latronics LS Series inverters are built for extreme environments using a recyclable powder coated aluminum casing.


  • Aussie Off Grid can offer you an all in one standalone power solutions that use the complete range of Latronics inverters and chargers.
  • These inverters are known for giving you a quiet, clean, efficient source of remote power anywhere, anytime.
  • Latronics for advanced technology and remote area power products.

Latronics Inverters and Chargers

The principal business of Latronics is to design and manufacture power Inverters that convert DC battery power to AC mains power.

Latronics have supplied quality Inverters for domestic, industrial and alternative energy markets to over 30 countries. Pioneering and constantly refining a highly sophisticated quality management system ensures that Latronics Inverters continue as the standard against which other Inverters are measured.

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