Living Off The Grid
with Solar Energy

Aussie Off Grid provide “stand alone” systems that are capable of producing electricity from solar energy and storing it for use when the sun is not shining.

Living Off The Grid means many things. From simply not having a grid electricity connection to being completely self-sufficient in energy, food and water. Whatever your off grid lifestyle choices, we can help you on your journey to living ‘off the grid’ with reliable stand alone solar power.

Off-Grid Energy Solutions Australia Wide

Aussie Off-Grid can provide the best off-grid power solutions for your needs and is your local off-grid energy expert.

We are the largest provider of off-grid power solutions for Australians looking for viable energy options as opposed to being grid connected. Whether it is a commercial, large property, small acreage blocks or smaller sheds or dwellings, we specialise in the best off-grid power systems and use lithium and traditional battery storage solutions.

Aussie Off-Grid will design an off-grid power solution that is unique to you and your energy needs. We provide solutions and create the best off-grid systems specifically for our customer’s situation and location.

brightness-circle-blue-512We work closely with our clients and provide a thorough understanding of the products offered ensuring we provide system components that will meet their individual needs and expectations.

brightness-circle-blue-512With a global network of the best people in the industry, we deliver superior off-grid power solutions and provide our customers with expert advice, quality products, and the best price.

Living Off The Grid
  • Our most popular complete off grid power systems, generate energy from solar and store power in heavy duty rechargeable batteries.
  • Our systems are designed by S.A.P.S accredited designers/installers and comply with all relevant Australian Standards.
  • Best of all they are pre-wired and fully tested for easy installation, saving valuable time on site and avoiding the hassle of finding out you need extra parts or that something doesn’t work.
  • Our team of experts will help guide you through the off-grid power process.
  • You can rest assured that a correctly sized and professionally installed Aussie Off-Grid energy system will help you achieve a very comfortable existence, with no need for large changes to your lifestyle.
  • Once installed, you will be living off the grid with a superior ‘power station’ running from renewable energy and will be protected from those ever increasing grid supply charges and electricity price hikes.

Find the Perfect Power Solution

Aussie Off-Grid offers a Best Price Guarantee on all our Complete Stand Alone Solar Systems.

We utilize only leading technology and install all of the major brands in off-grid, including:

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