Off Grid Home – Stand Alone Residential Solar Power Systems

Aussie Off Grid specialises in Off-Grid Solar Energy systems for small to large residential homes.

Off Grid Home System for Residential Power

We provide Off Grid Home solar solutions that are perfect for residential applications. Getting Off the Grid Residential Solar Power requires specialised, expert knowledge as you will be relying entirely on the sun for your electricity needs. That means it’s vital to have an experienced team of trustworthy system designers and installers helping you to get the best system requirements.

  • Our Residential Off-Grid Solar Systems are designed to supply Australian residential homes large or small with the best renewable energy solutions.
  • We are the experts in designing and installing high quality off-grid home power systems that are completely free from the national electricity grid.
  • We have installed thousands of Stand Alone and Remote Area Power Systems around Australia.

Contact our expert team for free, no-obligation advice on getting the best residential off grid system for your needs and budget no matter what your location in Australia !

We will also assist you in getting an accurate idea of the ‘cost of connection vs the cost of going off grid’.


We will make sure you get a system that is accurate for your property, house or building and individual electricity consumption.

Aussie Off Grid designs and installs the highest quality off-grid solar systems, utilising the latest in technology, we provide seamless integration of solar power systems, batteries, and generators.

As electricity prices continue to rocket, many people are looking to get FREE energy from renewable sources such as the sun and wind. The cost of off grid residential solar systems has come down significantly in the last few years, and Aussie Off Grid are the number one supplier of Off Grid Power in Australia.

All our stand-alone systems are expandable should your energy needs grow and our residential off grid solar systems are affordable and easy to operate. Our customers enjoy solutions that are individually designed.

Need an accurate idea of the ‘cost of connection vs the cost of going off grid’ for your location in Australia. We can help.

Off Grid Solar

Off Grid Solar Systems for House & Residential Power with Australia Wide CEC Installation and Custom System Design

Aussie Off Grid is Australia’s largest specialist stand alone & off grid solar and home battery storage specialist. We are 100% focused on getting our customers the best off grid solar power solutions with the most technically advanced stand alone solar and battery systems in Australia.

We specialise in Off Grid Solar Systems for Homes and Residential off grid power applications throughout Australia.

Aussie Off Grid is one of Australia’s largest and most trusted names in off grid solar for homes and residential applications. We specialise in complete stand alone solar power systems for any sized house, cabin or property that requires independent or remote power supplies that include solar & battery storage. Our team of Off Grid Solar ‘RAPS’ & ‘SAPS’ experts are here to help you to find the best off grid solar system that’s right for your house or residential build and your situation.


Buying a complete stand alone solar and battery storage system for your home is a long term investment that will be an essential system in any kind of off grid living. It pays to get your Off Grid Solar System right the first time as it will be relied on to power your property each and every day. Getting the right advice & best quality off grid components is the first step towards getting the best off grid solar for your home.


Aussie Off Grid are experts in off-grid solar solutions for big and small, applications and we know that getting expert off grid solar design, sizing & programming is integral to getting the best off grid solar solution that will provide reliability, seamless operation, and longevity.

We look forward to speaking to you about your Off Grid Energy requirements and getting you the best stand alone solar solutions for your home or residential build anywhere in  Australia.

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