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Off Grid Solar Design
Off Grid Solar System Design

Off Grid Solar System Design

When you need Off Grid Solar System Design – Aussie Off Grid will design a complete off grid solar system solution that is unique to you and your energy needs.

We provide customised off grid solar system design solutions and create the best complete stand alone energy systems specifically for our customer’s situation and location. We also have an Australia Wide CEC Installation Network.

When mains power is unavailable or just too expensive to install on your home, business, cabin, or shed our off grid solar system design team will come up with the best solution that will allow you the freedom of living off the grid with a consistent and high quality stand alone solar power supply.

  • We provide solutions and create the best designs for complete off grid solar systems specifically for our customer’s situation and location.
  • Our head technicians have decades of experience in designing off grid solar systems and our core team are experts in battery & solar systems.
  • We work closely with our clients and provide the best off grid solar system design. We give our clients a thorough understanding of the products offered ensuring we deliver the best off grid solar designs & system components.


Off Grid System Design and CEC Installation

  • We provide solutions for a seamless transition to living off the grid by designing off-grid power systems that are affordable, of the highest quality and readily available to homeowners, business, schools, remote communities, farms and community groups.
  • Aussie Off-Grid uses the most advanced industry components and adopts a best practice policy for design and installation of an extensive range of small to large off-grid solar projects.
  • We provide the products and services to get you off the grid with easy to operate, affordable power options.
  • We provide expert services to build, install and support your journey to living with power from renewable energy.

Contact an expert and get an obligation free service that includes a full-assessment of the best possible off grid solutions for your specific circumstance.

Why Choose Aussie Off Grid

Expert Off Grid Solar System Designers

All our Stand Alone power systems have market-leading life expectancies and superior off grid solar system design. Our systems lead the pack because of our attention to detail and focus on top quality and industry leading componentry.

Built with Industry Leading – Quality Solar Componentry

It’s not wise to compromise when you are looking to be completely energy independent. And we know from years of experience that there is a world of difference in the quality of solar and battery system components. We make sure you get the most advanced and trusted industry leading components built into your system.

We Provide Expert Engineering and Design Services

Common issues with using stand alone power include poor sizing, mismatched parts/equipment, non-compliant design, and unsafe installation. All of these elements can result in frustratingly lacking or unreliable power, and a costly short system life for the user. Get expert advice from our technicians who will spend time with you to ensure you get the best system for your needs

AC or DC Coupling

We create systems that work on either AC or DC coupling and provide the best solutions for our customers by helping them get correct configuration for their individual circumstances. Our aim is to get customers the best power solution with increased efficiency, flexibility and longevity in the battery and system life.

Advanced Battery Management Technology

Our battery management systems are technically advanced. You will find that many other battery storage systems have simplistic or impractical battery health monitoring.

“ I am very happy and impressed with our system and how it works. Not only are Aussie Off Grid a pleasure to deal with, they provided professional advice and an excellent product. ”

Steve Morris | Queensland

“ I got a complete system install including solar panels and was thoroughly impressed with the expertise and advice I was given by the designers, engineers and installers.”

Ken Simmonds | New South Wales

“ Aussie Off Grid gave us a very clear idea of the scope, scale and capacity of our solar system and has worked exceptionally.”

Paul Hutchings | New South Wales

“ We are so impressed with our off-grid solar system. It works so well that it is just like using power from the grid, except now we don’t pay electricity bills!”

Elise and Ross Sherrin | South Australia

“ The best piece of advice, I can give you when looking to get Off the Grid Power choose based on the system design and not the sales pitch. We are happy to recommend Aussie Off Grid to anyone looking to get off the grid solar and battery power. We were impressed with their system designers, installation team and products.”

Helmut Schnabel | Victoria

“ Aussie Off Grid came in with experienced technicians, designers and installers and built a system that has worked perfectly without a single problem. I honestly believe that I could not have done better. ”

Reg Holmes | Queensland

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Off Grid Solar System Design

Aussie Off-Grid Are Experts in Solar Storage and Off Grid Power Solutions. Speak to us today and get a solar power systems designed to supply a modern Australian residential home or business with renewable energy.

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