Off-Grid and Stand Alone Power for Business and Commercial

All businesses are unique in the way they use electricity. However, the one thing all businesses have in common is how the cost of electricity impacts the bottom line profits. Depending on your area of business, electrical costs can be a huge part of your yearly business expenses.

We have found that for many Australians living in rural and remote areas the cost of connecting to the national electricity grid is unrealistic and unaffordable. That is why we provide large scale and commercial sized off-grid systems that can be designed so that the battery storage and backup generator are situated in one location and a mini-grid and additional PV arrays are located around your business property.

We are experts in designing commercial off-grid and remote rural power solutions.

Contact our team and get no-obligation expert advice on getting the best off grid and stand alone power solutions.

We are experts and know that it is no small task to take into consideration how and when the maximum electrical energy is required.

  • Our Off Grid Systems can be designed to provide Single phase or 3-Phase power.
  • Three Phase systems can support all types of 3 phase machinery like pumps, AC, refrigeration and motors.
  • Critical factors when developing a large-scale off-grid system are your Total Energy requirements for each day and night along with the maximum power required by your equipment.

All our projects are individually engineered to provide a seamless and reliable electrical energy source for your business.

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