Off Grid Solar System Solutions For Any Application

Our totally integrated, stylish and technically advanced range of Off Grid Solar Systems are in use throughout thousands of homes and businesses, in Australia and the Pacific.

Provided as an all-in-one unit our off-grid systems are self-contained in a durable steel cabinet.

The enclosure is an essential part of our off grid solar systems as it keeps vermin out, prevents kids from touching anything dangerous and ensures the safety and reliable operation of your very important power supply.

  • All aspects of our Off Grid Solar System range have been designed, created and tested for the harsh Australian environment.
  • Our complete cabinet solution uses a sophisticated design that houses all the core components and is slimline making it ideal for situating against any wall.
  • Our cabinet solutions are uniquely designed to provide longevity and functionality to your off-grid power system. The durable steel cabinet comes fully sealed with vermin mesh, covered ventilation and has lockable lower doors.

Our off grid energy systems are designed to look great while providing protection and functionality to the most important part of your system, the internal components and batteries.


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SMA Off Grid Solar System

All our Off Grid Solar Systems use technically advanced components that are the best brands in the industry.

Our forward-thinking, stylish and functional design and high-quality internal componentry have made Aussie Off Grid the Number #1 Off Grid Energy Supplier in Australia.

  • All our systems are built in Australia and use only the highest quality solar and battery components.
  • All our stand-alone systems are expandable should your energy needs grow and our residential off grid solar systems are affordable and easy to operate.
  • Our customers enjoy solutions that are individually designed. We make sure you get a system that is accurate for your property, house or building and individual electricity consumption. 


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