Want to know what our previous customers have to say about our process of designing and installing their Off-Grid Energy systems?

Many of our customers are happy to chat to clients who are considering getting an Off-Grid Solar Energy system, including passing on information about their experience with us as a company and what it’s like to have an off grid solar and battery storage system.

Please ask one of our consultants if you are interested in chatting to an Off-Grid Energy customer in your area.

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“Our decision was decided after spending 8 months investigating all off grid suppliers in Australia. At the time I was Business Development manager for a large kit home company in QLD, so I had great access , I had meetings and inspections with all the big suppliers and found that Aussie Off Grid were dedicated to off grid manufacturers and that the quality of components and workmanship and the ability to deliver exceeded all others. And most important Goran and Tom actually know what they are talking about and do spend the time giving you the right system. Everybody that looks at our system is blown away at how good the finish of the whole unit fits in with our build, we are 100% off grid and have not changed any off our living habits, we just hook in to normal living without the bills”

Peter & Trish

“Hi Goran, well I must say you certainly were on the money with the quality of your solar system. We are really so happy with the overall experience dealing with Aussie Off Grid especially the guys that came to do the install its great to see a bunch of guys that actually really enjoy working for the company and it really shows in the finished product and the quality of workmanship. We are so happy with how our system is working out and cannot thank you enough for helping us to get the best stand alone power. We will recommend your services to anyone who is looking to get off the grid power in Victoria. Thanks again for the excellent service, we hardly even know that we are not connected to the grid and Trish is so happy that all her appliances can still be used.”

Keven L

 ” I feel as if I’ve entered the 21st century being able to flick a switch and have lights out on the farm. This has been one of the most rewarding steps in our build progress. I finished wiring etc at about 7 pm on Saturday. It was cloudy and the sun was about to set so I didn’t expect to see any input from the solar panels, but they immediately began to charge the batteries with about 100 watts. I must say, thank you very much for the service you’re offering. After all the ridiculous quotes I received, I thought the only option I had was to get a system together on my own through trial and error. Experimenting with different products and set ups would have cost me a lot in time and money. Your ready-to-go off-grid kits were a perfect fit for me. If I did it again I’d probably have gone directly to one of your bigger kits, instead of starting small and upgrading, but I was cautious at first, thinking your offer seemed too good to be true. Thanks again for the great product and service.”


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