Selectronic Off Grid Sine Wave Power Inverters

Selectronic Off Grid Solar System

Selectronic Inverters

  • Aussie Off Grid can offer you an all in one standalone power solutions that use the complete range of Selectronic sine wave power inverters.
  • These inverters are known for giving you a quiet, clean, efficient source of remote power anywhere, anytime.
  • All Selectronic Off-Grid Inverters are proudly Australian designed and built.

All Selectronic SP PRO Inverters are suitable for single phase, split phase and three phase Off Grid power systems for households, homesteads, commercial properties, construction sites, or in fact any Off Grid site where you need better than mains quality power.

Interactive Inverter Chargers

Selectronic SP PRO Interactive Inverter Chargers work by using the battery bank to store excess energy from renewable sources (normally PV solar) for periods when power demand is low. When the power demand is too high for the inverter alone, or when the battery bank requires recharging, the inverter automatically starts a generator.

Selectronics provide a unique range of inverter chargers that allow sharing of the load between the inverter and the generator set to maximise power output capacity..

SP PRO Series

Selectronic Inverters

Selectronics SP PRO Series Inverters is the latest development of Interactive Inverter Charger.

By managing all the functions of an off-grid power system, the SP PRO inverter ensures the efficient supply of mains quality power to the customer’s load as required. These functions include managing battery bank charge state, maximising renewable energy sources and operating the generator as required.

Sizes range from 3 kW to 20 kW for a single phase system, 6 kW to 40 kW for a split phase system and 9 kW to 60 kW for the SP PRO in a three phase configuration. Simple settings in the included SP LINK software enable the SP PRO to be configured for use in leisure and remote power systems. The SP PRO is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Designed from the ground up, the SP PRO features advanced thermal power management and super high speed digital signal processing; setting new standards for reliability, features, surge capability and power density.

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This System is Suitable for Managed AC Coupling

By combining the SP PRO inverter with a Selectronic Certified grid tie inverter in a Selectronic Managed AC coupling configuration, a fully integrated and managed off-grid power system is now possible.

With system sizes from 3kW to 20kW single phase (with up to 30kW of PV solar), 6kW to 40kW split phase (with up to 70kW of PV solar) and 9kW to 60kW three phase (with up to 105kW of PV solar) the SP PRO Series of inverters is suitable for use in Off Grid power systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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