IPS 4000WM Prewired Single Board with System Enclosure

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Pre-wired and Fully Tested

Our off grid boards are pre-wired in our warehouse, and tested before we have them shipped to you.

Meets Australian Standards

This complete off grid board is assembled according to the current Australian Standard.

Save Time With On-Site Installation

Because our off grid boards are pre-wired, you’ll save precious time installing your system, or buying extra items you did not expected to need.

Save yourself time, money and hassles when installing your next off grid system!

Our off grid boards are built with everything you need for an off grid system in a pre-wired format that is easy to install. This pre-wired system saves you precious hours of on-site installing, and avoids the discovery that you need extra parts you don’t have on hand. Pre-wiring also ensures that all components are functional and ready to go.

Our boards focus around the Integrated Power System (IPS) unit that provides the inverter, solar controller, and battery charger. The IPS is wired with cabling, breakers, fusing, and everything else that is required – all according to current Australian standards. Each board is tested prior to being sent, avoiding faulty components upon delivery. Once the board is on site, installation is as easy as connecting the battery bank and solar, and having an electrician wire it to the main board.

  • 1x Giant Power 48V 4000W Integrated Power System
  • 1x Giant Power Vermin Resistant System Enclosure
  • 2x AC 32A Breaker Single Pole
  • 2x Miniature Circuit Breaker 2 Pole DC 32A 500V
  • 1x Miniature Circuit Breaker Enclosure 4 Pole IP66
  • 1x 9 Pole Enclosure
  • 1x HRC Enclosure NT00
  • 2x HRC Fuse 160A NT00
  • 1x Meter A/C – kWh Din Rail Mount
  • 1x Generator Input Plug
  • 1x Sticker – Solar Safety Label Kit
  • 1x Sign – Warning Spark Hazard – Metal
  • 1x Sign – Electrolyte Burns – Metal
  • 1x Form Ply 1200 x 600
  • 1x Board Wiring & Sundries
IPS 4000WM Prewired Single System Board
Dimensions 770 x 380 x 620mm
Approx. Weight 40kg
Giant Power 48V 4000W Integrated Power System
General Electrical
Nominal DC Voltage 48V (MAX 60V)
Peak Efficiency 93%
Transfer Time <10ms (UPS mode)
<20ms (Appliance mode)**
**Transfer time may be longer (30ms) when used in parallel configuration, and this may cause interruption for certain loads
No Load Power Consumption <50W
Power Saving Consumption <15W
Continuous Output 4KW
Surge Rating 8KW (5 seconds max)
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Output Voltage 230VAC +/- 5%
Output Regulation < 3% RMS for battery voltage range
Output Short Circuit Circuit Breaker
AC Battery Charger
Charging Mode 3-stage
Boost Voltage 58.4V (Flooded)
56.4V (MF)
Float Voltage 54.0V (Flooded)
54.0V (MF)
AC Recharging Current 60amp (adjustable)
AC Input (Mains/Generator)
Input Power Factor 0.8
Input Voltage Range 90~280VAC (Appliance mode)
170~280VAC (UPS mode)
Input/Output Frequency 50Hz
AC Input (Mains/Generator)
Type Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
Max Charging Current 60 Amp
Max PV Input/Output 3000W
Max PV Input Voc 145V
MPPT Range 60-115V
Standby Power 2W
Environmental / Mechanical
Temperature Range Operating: 0oC ~ 55oC
Storage: -15oC ~ 60oC
Operating Humidity 20~90%RH Non-Condensing
Dimension 468x295x120mm
Net Weight 14Kg
Certification CE

Complete pre-wired off grid board with IPS, cabling, breakers, fusing, and more!

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