Off Grid & Stand Alone Power LG RESU Lithium Battery

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Off Grid & Stand Alone Power – LG RESU 10kWh Lithium Battery

The LG RESU 10 is an Energy Storage System with 10kWhr of lithium ion cells rated to 6000 cycles or more. The unit is capable of putting out 7kW of peak power or 5kW continuously. This system can be expanded to up to 20kWhr for larger off-grid and commercial applications. The battery has 8.5kWhr of usable capacity with a round trip efficiency of greater than 95%. With an extremely high energy density and stylish enclosure LG will also compete on aesthetics with other products such as Tesla’s Powerwall.

With the rising cost of electricity in Australia, the idea of running your home completely free of electricity companies is very attractive. Aussie Off Grid has helped many rural and remote homeowners to get stand alone power with an off-grid solar system. Going off-grid means that 100% of your electricity will come from the collection of solar energy and any backup resources such as Off Grid Solar Battery Banks.

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Aussie Off Grid specialize in Off Grid Solar for Homes & Residential Setups, Regional Properties, Remote & Automated Stand Alone Solar Systems including large-scale Off Grid Solar Power set ups. Our engineers have worked with thousands of large & small off grid solar projects to develop easy to use standalone power stations & monitoring bases in remote locations. Our expert team can help you.

What is An Off Grid Solar System

Is Off Grid Solar Right For You and Your Situation ?

Find out if Off The Grid Solar & Battery storage is right for you and your situation. Learn about Off-Grid Solar Systems, also known as Stand-Alone Solar Systems and find out about how Aussie Off Grid can provide solar electricity that is like living off the grid in areas where grid power is either unavailable or massively expensive to connect to your property or dwelling. Learn about our Off-Grid Solar Systems that consist of a roof or ground mounted Solar Panel Setup & Battery Bank to store energy.


Before you purchase from the Off Grid LG RESU Battery Solar Systems range,  get in contact with our professional off grid experts, and discover how to ensure you get the best LG RESU lithium battery system for your power needs. 

Get an obligation free all-inclusive consultation, quote and analysis of your load profile from our BCSE accredited RAPS / SAPS designers and installers.

Get the perfect solution for your situation and location anywhere in Australia with Aussie Off Grid the experts in Off Grid Solar Power Australia – We Design & Install Off Grid Power Solutions Australia Wide.

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Dimensions 3000 × 2000 × 3000 mm


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10kWh Lithium Battery
8.5kWh Usable @ 85% DoD
6500 Cycles @ 85% DoD
5kW Nominal Discharge
7kW Peak Discharge

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