Micro Off Grid System

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AGM Battery Storage

With up to a 12 year designed service life and over 1650 cycles at 30% DOD, AGM batteries are an ideal mix of performance and value. Perfect for providing reliable medium-long term power storage, AGMs won’t let you down.

Pre-wired, tested, and ready to go

Our off grid systems are pre-wired in our factory, with full testing done on key components to ensure everything is functional and ready to go. Installation on-site is simple – just connect the battery bank and solar.

Clean Energy Council Approved

Our off grid systems are built with components certified by the Clean Energy Council, allowing you to claim back solar credits for the installation of your system. Most systems receive thousands of dollars back!

3 Days Autonomy

Don’t worry about extended bad weather conditions or emergencies leaving you without power generation. Our system will run for up to three days without power input, giving you peace of mind to weather the storm.

Auto-Start Generator Functionality

Simply connect a compatible generator and set up when you want it to engage. If the batteries are getting too low or inverter is being overloaded, our system will automatically switch the generator on/off as required.

Micro Off Grid Kit – Small Off The Grid Cabin and Shed Power Kits Australia

Our range of Off Grid Solar and Battery Kits for Cabins and Sheds allow you to get the best solar and battery storage solutions. Whether you live in a rural location without reliable grid access, or simply want a more sustainable lifestyle, our off grid kit systems provide the perfect power solution. Ideal for small dwellings such as cabins, shacks, cottages, and holiday retreats, this off grid solar kit system is designed for applications with a daily power usage of 1.1kWh.

Built as a relocatable all-in-one unit, our Micro Off Grid Solar System Kits are self contained in a durable steel cabinet. This complete cabinet solution houses all core components, with a slimline design ideal for situating against the wall of a garage.

At the heart of each off grid system is the Integrated Power System (IPS). Combining the functionality of a solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter, and multi-stage AC battery charger into one central unit, the IPS provides a central system for monitoring and controlling all aspects of the system. The IPS is prewired into a system board containing breakers, fusing, cabling, and everything else that is required – all meeting current Australian standards.

System Inclusions

3.3kWh Deep Cycle AGM Battery Bank

280AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery. 7-10 year average lifespan, 12 year chemistry life.

1.5kVA (1.2kW) 12V Integrated Power System

The ultimate all-in-one management unit for solar and battery systems. 1500VA (1200W) Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 60A Battery Charger (adjustable), 50A PWM Solar Charge Controller.

465W Solar Array with tin roof mounting

3x 155W Solar Panels with Kyocera Cells, with tin roof mounting system (no tilt) and cable.

Battery Cabinet with Venting

Durable steel cabinet with vermin mesh covered ventilation. Lockable lower doors, forklift skids for transport or relocation.

Prewired System Board

Internal electrical board prewired with IPS, cabling, breakers, fusing, and all other electrical components.

kW Hour Meter

The kW hour meter measures the power that comes out of the system to enable you to keep track of how much power the system is producing. This is helpful in understanding the effectiveness of the installation, and is very beneficial in discovering issues and problems.

Generator Input Plug

The generator input brings 240V from any external lead into a plug like you see in caravans. You can attach any external generator (petrol, diesel, or even coal fired) to charge the batteries and supply power to the leads.

Pre-wired micro off grid system with IPS, solar panels, and batter bank.

System Specifications

1 Solar Array 465 W
2 Battery Bank 3.3 kWh
3 Battery Life 7-10 years
4 Daily Usage 1.1 kWh
5 Autonomy 3 days
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