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Off Grid Solar Power Explained – How to Get Off Grid Solar Power in Australia and will “going off the grid” save you money?

With the rising costs of electricity in Australia, solar power is fast transforming into an attractive source of cheap and sustainable energy production. Large scale solar electricity generation can be gained by a range of sources and can come from solar farms set up by the government or corporations.  There is also the ability for smaller solar systems such as commercial solar setups and residential solar panel installations to feed back power to the grid. If you have solar panels installed on your business or roof at home and feedback energy to the national grid this is called Grid Connect Solar. Grid connected solar is the most common type of solar system in Australia, as more Australians than ever are looking to adopt solar power for its benefits and ecological sustainability.

Off Grid Solar Power is often a lifesaver for people who live in rural or remote places where electricity is not readily available or is very expensive to connect. If you reside in a rural or remote area then going off-grid can save you money and give you electricity that is just like living off the grid except you don’t pay for any bills.

What is Off Grid Solar Power? Let’s look at the dynamics of off grid solar power. Find out if Off Grid Solar Power is really for you and your situation.

Getting off-grid in its most pure form means that “you are not connected to the main national power grid”. You will not have an electricity connection to your house, and so you will instead be Off Grid and rely on another form of energy production. The most reliable Off Grid Power System is Off-Grid Solar Systems.

Off Grid Solar Explained

Off Grid Solar Explained

Off Grid Solar Systems are systems that independently create power and are also often called a stand alone solar system. So yes you can ‘get off the grid’ and can power your home with solar without tapping into any networked power grids. The idea of going off the grid is rising in popularity, especially since the cost of installing solar panels is falling and the cost of electricity is continually increasing.

However, off grid solar is not a viable option for many urban residences. The reasons for this are varied, however, in most cases ‘Hybrid Solar Battery Storage’ is a far better option for those who are already connected to the grid or living in cities around Australia.

The advances in wind and solar power generation have created significant improvements to off grid technology. For those that are living in remote or rural areas or looking to build on a vacant block that has no electricity grid connection, it’s now cheaper and more efficient than ever to get an off grid solar system installed. So just because you’re living in a remote location, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice any creature comforts!

So, how does a remote solar power system work and how do you select the best remote stand alone power system for your situation or location

Getting the best off grid solar system for your needs is critical, and much will depend on where you live or plan to install a system – learn from our step-by-step guide for getting an off grid solar system installed on your property.

A stand alone power system (SAPS) can be quite an investment, in some cases, there can be generous government renewable energy incentives for those living in remote areas. Been quoted for a grid connection and found that the cost of connecting to the national electricity network is just too expensive!! You could save thousands of dollars on an off grid solar power set-up ask our expert team to inform you of the latest rebates and subsidies available for Installing Off Grid Solar Power to Your Property.

It is possible to buy an off solar grid system as a kit or package and install the remote power system yourself. However, we recommend you engage the services of an accredited CEC Off Grid Solar Installer.

If you wish to install an off grid solar system, we suggest you speak to our off grid solar experts by contacting our team of friendly remote power experts for a free, no-obligation advice. Speak to the experts in Off Grid Solar Systems – Aussie Off Grid for Australia Wide Off Grid Solar Installation & Off Grid Solar System Design.