Stand Alone Solar Systems & Off Grid Solar Kits

Get Off The Grid with Solar and Battery Storage  – Learn about Our Stand Alone Solar Systems and Off Grid Solar Kits

Get off the grid power easily with our large range of off grid solar kits & off grid solar packages that are independent power stations capable of powering a large range of applications with constant & reliable electricity. If you need power for a small or large new or existing home, business, a station, or an entire community that may be depending on large diesel generators, speak to our off grid solar experts – we can help you! Aussie Off Grid has Australia’s largest range of clean and cost-competitive stand alone solar power systems and off grid solar kits & packages for all applications.

How Our Off Grid Solar Systems Work ? What Off Grid Solar Kit or Stand Alone Solar Solution is best for your Situation ?

Off grid solar systems supply reliable electricity to properties that are not connected to, or have chosen to disconnect from, the public electricity network in Australia.

Off Grid Solar Kits with Australia Wide Installation & Design Service.

Our range of off the grid energy systems & off grid solar kits provide dependable and reliable electricity that is no different to that supplied by the national electricity grid. Aussie Off Grid specialise in providing;

  • Our off grid solar power kits are stand alone solar systems that can supply electricity to properties of any size that are not able to be connected to a public electricity network in Australia.
  • Our off grid solar kits and stand alone power systems are a reliable, hassle free, clean and cost effective answer to living off the grid with reliable solar energy & no complications!
  • Let the experts at Aussie Off Grid help you. Speak to our Off Grid Solar Designers and get the best off grid solar system kit or package for your individual situation and location.
  • Our range of off grid solar kits are perfect for large or small new or existing homes, business, a station or entire community that depends on large diesel generators. We can provide power to any remote application.
  • Our off grid solar systems are an independent energy solutions capable of powering your property and for any application. Talk to our experts and find an off grid solar kit for your applications or find out about more our off grid solar installation services .
Off Grid Solar Kits


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off grid solar system packages & stand alone solar kits

Our Off Grid Solar Kits & Packages allow you to Get Off The Grid Energy with a reliable source of power that is no different to using on the grid electricity.

Provided as an all-in-one unit our off-grid systems are self-contained in a durable steel cabinet. All aspects of the system have been created for the harsh Australian environment. The complete cabinet solution uses a sophisticated design that houses all the core components and is slimline making it ideal for situating against a building wall.

Stand Alone Solar System

Stand Alone Solar System Solutions are uniquely designed to provide longevity and functionality to your stand alone solar system

  • This durable steel cabinet comes fully sealed with vermin mesh, covered ventilation and has lockable lower doors.
  • The enclosure is an essential part of our off grid solar systems as it keeps vermin out, prevents kids from touching anything dangerous and ensures the safety and reliable operation of your very important power supply.
  • Not only do our stand alone solar systems look great, but they are also built in Australia with top quality components.

A stand alone solar system works by using (PV) Photovoltaic solar panels to convert sunlight into (DC) direct current electricity, this is then fed through a solar inverter to create usable (AC) alternating current power.

This AC electricity is sent to the system switchboard, where it is assigned to provide power for all your energy requirements.

The solar inverter will stop the solar system from recharging your batteries once they are full. This form of battery storage means that when your solar system is not producing electricity, your battery bank will send power to your appliances instead.

When the battery bank state-of-charge level gets too low, the inverter will turn on your fuel generator and automatically provide power and recharge the battery bank.

An off-grid power system is an expensive investment. Leave nothing to chance

Get in contact with our professional off grid experts, and discover how to ensure you get the best system for your power needs

Energy Load Profile For Off Grid Power – Need Help – Contact Our Experts for Obligation Free Advice.

Completing an accurate energy load profile is an essential part of correctly designing your off grid solar system. The load profile is a list of all your appliances and utilities that require electricity, with an estimate of their usage frequency (e.g. how many days per week, and hours per day). We can help you complete this information and our system design team can accurately recommend appropriate system design and size for your needs.

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